Bully: Anniversary Edition App Reviews

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Great game

Update for iPhone X!!!

Worst rockstar game

This game is trash

The best game ever

This is my very first review and I just wanted to say I love this game this open world game is amazing (spoiler alert) I don’t really get the ending though jimmy crashes through the roof and he acts like he just punched a teddy bear ik he’s strong but I don’t think a kid could do that without even being phased but I still love this game so much and I hope for future updates on this magestic game!


Bully is a really awesome adventure game! I wish Rockstar Games would make Bully 2 happen one day that’s how much I love this game! (I know this review is short.)

هلا قطر

لعبة احلى في العالم 😍👍🏻

No iPhone X Support

When are you all gonna add support for the new display? If I wanted to play the game on a smaller screen I would’ve gotten a smaller phone.

Bad control

I like this game, but the controls are so hard especially when entering and exit the door... i have to stand exactly at the green spot ( so bad control). And when i am fighting it is not auto lock at the enemies....plz update soon, thanks

Need update for iPhone X

Rockstar Please update bully for fully support screen on iPhone X


This is now one of my favorite games. It’s really fun. It can get challenging and can be a little pain in the butt, but it’s still fun. I’ve been addicted to it. Lol UPDATE and issue: There’s no sound when I play it without my earphones. But when I plug my earphones in it, I can hear it. I’m using iPhone 8. How can I fix this problem? Please help. Thank you.

Why is it not for ios4s

Rockstar why is this game not for iOS 4s please fix this I really want to play it plz.

Best games

A good game

No sound

Game plays fine, but I have no sound...


So good

one of the Best Childhood memories ❤️

this game bring me A Awesome memories of my childhood

Hopkins Is Back!

Jimmy Hopkins returns in Bully: Anniversary Edition! Now you can take the classic Rockstar game Bully with you everywhere you go! The game is just as good as it was but gets even better! Updated graphics, sound, and more are in this game! If you love the original game, then you have to get this one!


I have an iPod 5 and this game is always crashing when I open doors it crashes and just at random times. Fix please

Awesome game!!!

Works well, plays well, and is a lot of fun. One of Rockstar’s best games ever. The only issue is that it takes up a lot of battery.


The Nostalgia is real, get this game.

The best rockstar game of all time!!!

I love this game on the ios, ps2 and, 3. The thing that I love about this game is that you can skate, box, and more.

Epic Game! ❤️

The first time that I play Bully was in a Nintendo Wii and honesty later of play it was love a first sight, immediately starting to play at the point that in just a week complete the game lol. I’m not a big lover of the video games to be honest but this game has something that really catch me in a very special way, later play the game to computer and now that are available like app on the App Store I decide gives him an opportunity. The game app is pretty great, have pretty cool graphics, easy to play and the characters are the same just that couple things changed or was modified. In Bully Scolarship Edition (Second Version of the game), you’ve got 4 extra characters more and inclusive have extra clothes changes. Apart that later of the chapter 5 you still receiving missions that is something that here change a little bit, in this Anniversary Edition later of the Chapter 5 (The Graduation) you will still receiving missions yes but no with the same frequency, now will cost you a little bit more can find missions and starting to be a little worried keep playing. But the rest pretty nice game, immediately that see it don’t think two times to bought it I really recommended the game I promise you that don’t will regret, really worth it pay the $6.99 for the game...


Runs smooth

F*cking Awsome

I love it brings back good memories


Some characters mouths don’t move

Mac Oder

great game! Other than the glitches I have found i enjoy it a lot. I have the ps2 version. Brings back a lot of memories.

Great. Just like I remember

Played this game as a kid. Gameplay on my iPhone 7plus is awesome!

It’s so fun game I love it

Thanks Rockstargames for this amazing game 👍🏽 🔥


A bit laggy for 64-bit devices


I just paid for this game and it isn't downloading it isn’t because of the GB or because of my phone because I have the iPhone SE. it’s not my connection either I have a pretty stable connection.

it WAS okay........

When I first started playing this game I was hyped because I saw other YouTubers make a gameplay about it, so I played it and it was cool except when you had to save Johnny. As I got further into the game I was in my last mission but my little cousin was mad that I didn’t let her play so she took my iPad away from me, press the home button and DELETE............. I got super mad I threw her to the ground she cried out loud I thought she deserved it. So I tried downloading again, it wouldn’t let me download it unfortunately I was mad but I didn’t take my anger out on my little cousin. Instead I was yelling loudly so I’m sure this is one of the most frustrating game in my life or iPad. That’s why I gave it a 4 star...

"The Big Game"

When Ted goes back and it plays the cutscene my screen goes black and I can't see it therefore I can't finish chapter 4. Also this never happened and I got to chapter 5 last time I played and I have the same phone. Rockstar please fix this


Love this game!!

A classic but has issues

The game runs smoothly. Better than it does in any other iteration. But sometimes it crashes and for some reason rockstar’s cloud saving has issues signing in and just doesn’t work.


I need a refund when I try to get to the second stage it crashes!!! How do you get a refund!!😡😡

Sign in

There’s an error in signing in to social club


When I enter the school or walk or run it crashes and exits the game.

Same Fun Game

Same awesome game that I had back in the PS2 days


Will there be any update in future ?

Game works better than gta titles

Rockstar actually made this playable. Played on iPad Pro 2017 model


Game is great but there are bugs that need to be fixed like it crashes while on important missions but other then that the game is great everything about it is fire from a dude with a different caliber playing your game and saying its 🔥means allot 💯💪🏾.


I'd like to see update that makes this game work perfectly with iPhone X

Plz help

I have a SE and this won’t download same thing with gta SA and liberty city stories

Update much NEEDED!

I just bought the game and went to play it immediately after downloading and I can't even get through the door at the beginning without it crashing or go anywhere else for that matter. Please fix it soon.

It's cool

Would give it five stars if it didn't glitch and crash so much 😢😢. Game really needs an update for bug fixes

5 Star Rating

Just started playing this game and so far it’s been great. The story and the graphics are amazing for a phone game. I recommend this game to people who like open world storyline games.

Love it!

The only other Rockstar game I’ve played was GTA III. After playing Bully, I thought, “Screw GTA.” This game is waaaaayyy better. There are tons of social interactions, fun missions, and an interesting story line. But i think the best part of this game is that it really connects with adolescents, like me. I feel like doing a lot if this stuff when im mad, so this is a great game to vent your evil desires. Definitely recommend this, especially to those in their teenage years!

Quality Port

This is really good, you should buy it!




Loved the game I finished, but wished they’d add more

This game is great but its crashing me

I was playing this game and crashing me and I was in chapter IV and now I am in chapter I fix that pleas


This game is like a kid friendly GTA

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