Bully: Anniversary Edition App Reviews

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It WAS great, but now...

This is a perfect example of why you need to update your phones, people. I just did the iOS 12 update and its running better than ever before. My apology to the developer. (It's glitching almost non-stop. Everything from icons during the Halloween mission just disappearing to the refresh rate being so bad at times in the game that I have to exit it and restart, to there being several times that I've suffered through the glitches to finish a mission and see the save message come up, I then close it out and restart it and the save is gone so I have to do the entire mission over again. I don't know what the hell is wrong with this game, but judging from the fact that it's been over a year since the last update, I'd imagine I might as well get used to these problems if i want to continue to play it.)

Great Game!

I’ve been a long time player of Rockstar games and never be interested in playing this one. So, just recently, I’ve decided to purchase it and play it. Even on my Iphone the game has great graphics and a pretty good storyline. Overall, 5 out of 5.

This is insane

I remember when canas canem edit first came out there was a huge mob saying that rockstar was terrible for making the game before the game was available to play, then it became very popular. One of the best titles by rockstar made in a long time. I am shocked to see that they were able to fit bully on a mobile device, that is very hard to pull off. All though the graphics aren’t that good and there being a lot of glitches. This is still the best game on my phone. HAPPY Anniversary ROCKSTAR

No download

I bought this game to play and now it won't even download the app. Can I get a refund on it?

Super convenient

Just like playing on a console or computer but it’s right in your Hands everywhere you go

Bully 2 switch edition

Awesome game runs great now I need bully 2 and Nintendo switch edition thanks in advance let me know when I can send you the $60 USD

Incredible game.

When I first got my Wii and a copy of Bully, I had so much fun. Missions were incredibly unique, classes were fun and a little challenging, it was incredible. But to due to the Wii being underpowered and using av cables unlike ps3 and Xbox 360, it did not have a sharp image and was built on an earlier version of the ps2 version, even though it was titled “scholarship edition.” You can see jimmy is using his ps2 face instead of his newly designed scholarship edition face like in Xbox 360 and pc version. When I first got this on my phone, it was better than ever. Newly modeled Jimmy, enhanced graphics, and the game was more fun than ever! If you’re going to play the old ps2 classics, you must buy this game! You can also hook up a controller if you don’t like the touch controls so, great job on this version of the game, Rockstar! Can’t wait to see Bully II!

Great but

great but when i'm doing the nerd challenge were you fight them all my jump icon keep going away and it makes me run slow and that's really getting in the way of my winning

Game problems

I paid for this game and it’s not even letting me log in to start where I left off at .

iPhone X screen !

I wish you make the game supports full screen for iPhone X


Great game and now mobile and lets me finish a game i never got to finish THANK YOU

Classic game!

Great story and gameplay. Sometimes lags on my 6S Plus though.

Best game ever


This game was so epic

I played this for about a week before the lagging started. I hate that I paid 7 dollars for a game that crashed on me In a week smh

very good

its very good game , and it sent me to childhood when i had a ps2 and playing this game , do not hesitate to buy this , to help rockstar build bully 2

Worth it

Worth to buy i totally recommend this game! The only thing i have a problem with is when ur fighting multiple people, with a teammate sometimes u may lock onto ur friend instead. But thats a minor con. Other than that its a great game. And i play this on the iphone 6 which runs pretty good so its pretty compatible with what everyone has these days. Tbh pretty impressive😃

Amazing game, but it won't work

I love bully and I bought this because I play the original way back. When I got to the mission the rumble after I chased peanut and beat the greasers the crashed and every time I get to that part of the game it crashes and to be clear I play this on an iPhone 5s. Rockstar please fix this glitch.


Good👌 game🤹‍♂️🎮


One of my favorite games!!! 💯


Even though I have an iPhone 8+ that is updated I can’t hear anything... game is awesome though

Awesome game!!! But sign in issue

I love bully & it’s amazing how they compacted such a great game into a mobile experience. But there’s a problem. Every time I try to sing in to social club it says error I’ve tried multiple times but rather than that the game is totally worth the money & is the same experience as Console

Good game


Awesome game👊🐍💀🐀

This review is actually a warning, do not play any of the high school simulator games because they are all ripoffs and if u want a good school sim play this game made by rockstar game the same people who made gta

Great game, but needs work

I’ve beaten the game countless times now. However, they’re many glitches and the graphics are need some work.


I love that Rockstar made this available for mobile.... I miss the days of laying on the floor in my room, my face about an inch away from the TV drinking a 2 litter of soda and playing bully on PS2 all day until I passed out. I’m really happy with how the controls work. For a game that had no intention on being on a touchscreen Rockstar nailed it. MY ONLY COMPLAINT IS THAT....when it prompts you to read the bulletin board and you do so, there’s no way return to the game. You have to close the app and start back at the save point. Ive missed this game so much that I can deal with little things like that. I’d like people to think about how much work goes into taking a console game and converting it to work on IOS. I’m sure it’s not easy. Secondly to do all that work and it only cost $6.99!?!? In closing GREAT GAME,GREAT PRICE, SAME ROCKSTAR QUALITY AS ALWAYS. Nothing’s perfect just minor problems that are easy to look past without loosing interest in the game. Playing on iPhone X

Justin sterio

I was doing a mission and 3 people beating me up then I got in trouble by .the cops this game was 6$ and it was not fun just aggravation. DONT GET this game

Rockstar best game they ever made

Where to begin the game have all sort different characters and even non-story are very Fascinating and the story is perfect I know a few flaw here and there but bullworth was a good town with lots of stuff to buy or get. In Conclusion bully is one the best game that rockstar ever made and I really want a sequel to it.

Great game

It is nice

Just like the good old days

My only concern is that you can’t kiss boys in this edition??! At least so far


Best game ever just like the console version


اللعبه وايد جميله و حلوه و اتمنى ينزل اصدار جديد

Best game that rockstar ever made!!

This is 10/10 Best rockstar game & hopefully rockstar makes bully 2 happen or make bully 2 on apple devices!!❤️ I recommend this game because it’d fun & awesome to play!


I’ve played bully on Xbox, pc, and now mobile I’ve always love to play bully It explains school life well A little bit is un realistic though

Update please

Please update it to support iphone x please please please update youre games i have the rockstar games bundle the only game is perfect for iphone x is gta sa please update other games i understand that you care about gta online just update mobile games


Brings back memories


The game handles amazingly and is a lot of fun but the bugs are getting in the way and are annoying. On example is that the game keeps crashing after I beat the 5th go cart race and it doesn't save that progress! Plz work on the game.

Best Game Ever

It Litteraly is the best game in the app store.It is very unique and it is definitly worth the money.


Great but I can’t figure out how to get the over the rainbow achievement

Just like playing it on the Play Station

No glitches and works well.

Download problem

I purchased the rockstar games collection already having Chinatown wars. It works fine on my iPhone, however when I tried to install it on my iPad mini 2 it said I only owned Chinatown wars and tried to make me re-buy the collection. After some troubleshooting I still have not found out how to download it onto my iPad.

Great game, but...

Amazing classic and runs amazing on the phone, but does not support iPhone X’s screen and for those who upgraded it makes us feel left out. Not sure if I want to play it till it updates.


At first, the gameplay is great. But the amount of bugs in this app is ridiculous. The odds are good that it’ll just start you over after it crashes for no apparent reason. You could get far, then BAM, you’re at the beginning. Waste of money

Bully University

One of the best iOS games

Mistakenly downloaded

Sorry I actually downloaded this game mistakenly. Please let me get refund.

Epic game

What a good way to go back to teenage time .. it’s a very good game


It is epic you get to do everything


This game is is with the money

No ingresa

Descargue el juego en mi iPad y él juego no carga completo, se sale de nuevo a la pantalla de inicio y no me permite continuar el juego. Pido ayuda y que debo hacer?


After completing Chapter 4 mission 1 it plays the final cutscene and restarts me back at the boss fight.

bringing back my childhood

I used to play this as a kid and loved it! Not to long ago i decided to buy it just to refresh my childhood and i was not disappointed! thumbs up to everything, there could be some updates that would deem absolutely necessary like not having them spawn so much, one minute there in front of you, you turn the corner and bam there they are again, also update the setting

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