Bully: Anniversary Edition App Reviews

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It kept crashing fix it now!!!

I was in Chapter 4 and I was playing the big game mission and when I completed it and then crashed and it didn't save, I gonna throw the tantrum if you don't fix it right now, so stop working other games and fix this or I'm reporting this game


Lagging with iPhone 6s plus

Best game on phone

Ive never bought a game on a phone but i have to say this is the best game ive ever played if you loved bully this is BULLY.


It is a good game that shows you some what idea on how the real world works

It’s alright could be better

Fix camera so we can aim also other weapons too

iPhone X resolution

Please update the game resolution. It’s unplayable in this state.

Great Game

The game is just beautiful

Crashes way too much

This game crashes way too much and the controls are too clunky

Love this game

Love this game rockstar you guys needs an update for the iPhone X on all your games but still good. I need manhunt, Max Payne 2, on the iOS please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game

Good game and fun but has a few bugs which slow down the game during gameplay


u really can’t find an original or classic game like this one. If u r a fan of rockstar games and needs a good entertaining time killer game this is the one for u. This is an absolute MUST. Wish they would make a sequel tho

Very fun!

This game is very fun and enjoyable to play! Would recommend to anyone who likes video games!


This game have still not support iPhone 8?

An amazing port of a true classic

It’s bully, but potted onto a mobile device

this game is so good



Loved this game then, still love it now...

The Rumble Mission Crash

This is an amazing game with a great story, characters, and some of the best comedy I've seen in a game. The only problem I have is the crash at "The Rumble" mission. I've tried everything and still the bug stops the game progression. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!! I love this game and want to be able to finish it.


Greatest Of All Time, right behind GTA VC


I love bully! Rockstar makes phoneme all games. This is in my top 10 favorite games of all time. The story, setting, and the characters are great. 10/10 would play again.

Love this

AHH I love this game so so much but I’m a girl gamer I would be so awesome if you could choose your gender and customize it but i still love this game!!

Good Story - Ridiculous Game Play

Let me lay out the game play here. You get a mission or task. You travel all the way to get there. You start to do the task ... and ... waa waaa!!! YOU FAILED!!! Then, guess what ... YOU HAVE TO START ALL OVER!!! NOT AT THE POINT YOU MESSED UP ON ... NO, NO, NO .... ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE &$#%ING BEGINNING. So, you friggin start over, and go all the way back, and you FINALLY GET BACK TO WHERE YOU FAILED PREVIOUSLY AND THEN YOU MAKE IT A LITTLE FARTHER AND THEN ... YOU FAILED AGAIN!!!! WHY? Because there’s no way you can figure out what the heck you’re supposed to do until you get in the situation through trial and error!!!!! ANNOYING AND STUPID!!! So, you know what you do????? YOU GO WATCH SOME YOUTUBE VIDEO OF HOW TO DO IT ... not because you don’t want to figure it out yourself ... BUT BECAUSE YOU’RE SO FRIGGIN SICK OF HAVING TO START ALL THE WAY BACK AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TASK!!!! I’m sorry, but that’s stupid!! Any game you have to basically watch a video of to know exactly where to walk and how to pass IS STUPID!!!! ITS LIKE BANGING YOUR HEAD AGAINST A ROCK OVER AND OVER!!!!! Just plain annoying!!!!

Dis is my wife


I'm confused

Why the hell would u make such an amazing game and not get rid of the bugs. Not only did the mission the rumble crash at least 10 times before it worked, but the boss mission "the big game" crashed right after I finished. This mission took me 20 tries, and 20 minutes, so thanks but no thanks. I quiz.


U guys should make a update were we can play as a girl if and kind greaser,nerds or,cheerleader


Plz fix

Stupid game

It does not give you all the land right away and you get mocked out so quick

Great Fun Game Love Bully

Ive been wanting this game since I was a kid now I have it on my ios iPad pro 2 & it is awesome love how you have freedom to play & prank people very fun game 😎👍🏼

Love this game!

Battery drains 35% in 10 minutes on 6s plus 😕

Me gusta

Too lazy for I write a in depth review but I feel it was better on the phone version although I loved the ps2 version

Deployed to Iraq and couldn’t be any happier! EXCELLENT GAME!

This game came out PERFECT! I was a little pessimistic about how’d it turn out as an app. But I am 100% satisfied so far. Thank you rockstar for giving me a piece of home while I’m so far away.

Updated For Mobile — Except The Saving

The auto save needs to be far more frequent. iPhone 7, sick of a mission being forced to restart just because a cutscene didn’t load correctly at the very end.

Love this game

Reminds me of a teen version of grand theft auto. I hate touch screen controls so I’m really happy it works with the SteelSeries Nimbus MFI controller. Rockstar, you’ve done it again. :) only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because nothing’s perfect in this world. Lol

Awesome childhood memories

Great game! Looks awesome on my iPhone 8 Plus on the new A11 Bionic Chip. Couple of minor bugs that needs improvement. One problem I have is while I am playing the game and I receive a phone call the game sound gets cut off until I restart the app again. Overall great game with an awesome storyline.

Great game

This is an excellent version of the game but there are 2 errands taken out so it’s not a full port of the scholarship edition

Only problem is the crashing

I completely enjoy the game, the only problem is the crashing and losing my progress

❤️Loved this game on the PS2, And i love it on mobile. Some Problems.💔

If you're thinking about buying this game, but feel Unsure about getting it because of the Price, Here is how this game feels an Plays. Story: The main story isn't the most innovative thing about the game, but it pays off with great Characters, And the side missions you do will be fun, Might even bring back some memories from your childhood. 7.5/10 Gameplay: Here is what makes the game such a blast, whether it's you pranking your classmates, or riding a skateboard you get early on. My favourite part are the Classes you HAVE to get to on time or else the prefects will be on the lookout for you, Once you finish a class, you'll get a reward, such as, Stink bombs, fire crackers, clothes, E.T.C. 8.7/10 World: Thè places you can explore are kind of limited, The map is not as big as some other rockstar games, except that doesn't matter too much because there're a-lot of things to keep you occupied, like a carnival that you can take dates to, an play mini games. 8.1/10 Cons: There is a camera problem when you're up against a wall, which hinders your site. Steering on the skateboard is a little bit finicky for my taste, either you turn slowly or steer too quickly. 6.9/10

Fun game

Great game

Great Game

Bully is worth the $6.99. Right now I'm on chapter 2, but I can't do enda's mission or the mission At the carnivel because the Game kept crashing when I go to old bullworth vale or bullworth town. I did Find a way to get to the town without it crashing (Swimming, Getting busted by Cops) Althouth now none of the things I do to get to the town doe not work. Can you make sure the Game runs smoothly, without crashing?

Must have!

Beautiful graphics for a mobile game! I havent had any bugs yet, but the story line, and pretty much everything is so put together!

Does not work

Games stops how do I get money back

I want a refund

It glitches and messes up

The best game ever 👍

What an amazing game. I believe we need bully 2 soon plz make this dream real 👍

Waste of your money

Crashes on the mission "The Rumble" constantly cannot fix it

perfect game

it is a perfect game there isnt any negatives point about this

Great but

When i finish the big score i went to the opening scene of chapter V but then i crash and have to start the big score again :(


I used to play this game as a kid back in 2006 and good lord it’s amazing graphics and controls are incredible. Thank you rockstar for making this game




Graphics are really good and the gameplay is smooth can't ask for nothing more really one of rockstars best games!!!

Fixing some crashes...

Hi Thanks for making this game special for iOS devices... It’s The best game I ever played,,, it’s really cool But it’s have some bugs Like in the Rumble mission the game crashes and jumped out to the home screen (on my iPad 4th generation) And please guys fix the bugs and crashes I hope to you guys fixed these crashes in next update... Thanks....

Better than gta

I love bully I've been hooked ever since I got it the story is better than any gta game.

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