Bully: Anniversary Edition App Reviews


When I enter the school or walk or run it crashes and exits the game.

Same Fun Game

Same awesome game that I had back in the PS2 days


Will there be any update in future ?

Game works better than gta titles

Rockstar actually made this playable. Played on iPad Pro 2017 model


Game is great but there are bugs that need to be fixed like it crashes while on important missions but other then that the game is great everything about it is fire from a dude with a different caliber playing your game and saying its 🔥means allot 💯💪🏾.


Bully is a really awesome adventure game!I wish Rockstar Games would make Bully 2 happen one day that’s how much I love this game!One day I want to work at Rockstar Games.


This is now one of my favorite games. It’s really fun. It can get challenging and can be a little pain in the butt, but it’s still fun. I’ve been addicted to it. Lol


I'd like to see update that makes this game work perfectly with iPhone X

Plz help

I have a SE and this won’t download same thing with gta SA and liberty city stories

Update much NEEDED!

I just bought the game and went to play it immediately after downloading and I can't even get through the door at the beginning without it crashing or go anywhere else for that matter. Please fix it soon.

It's cool

Would give it five stars if it didn't glitch and crash so much 😢😢. Game really needs an update for bug fixes

5 Star Rating

Just started playing this game and so far it’s been great. The story and the graphics are amazing for a phone game. I recommend this game to people who like open world storyline games.

Love it!

The only other Rockstar game I’ve played was GTA III. After playing Bully, I thought, “Screw GTA.” This game is waaaaayyy better. There are tons of social interactions, fun missions, and an interesting story line. But i think the best part of this game is that it really connects with adolescents, like me. I feel like doing a lot if this stuff when im mad, so this is a great game to vent your evil desires. Definitely recommend this, especially to those in their teenage years!

Quality Port

This is really good, you should buy it!




Loved the game I finished, but wished they’d add more

This game is great but its crashing me

I was playing this game and crashing me and I was in chapter IV and now I am in chapter I fix that pleas


This game is like a kid friendly GTA


Best throwback of all time!!!


It is fun and it is just like the game on the Xbox

Bully > Gta San Andreas

Bully is an incredible game. For those who missed it or those who played it, it’s so nice to be able to play it on your phone. I’m new to bully and it offers a unique experience. Love it! I’m keeping my hopes up for Bully II. Fingers crossed everyone. ;)


Can you make the game online so that people can play with there friends

Great job!

This game was way better than I expected. It had very good development of characters and a nice world to explore. All of the little features like the carnival make it really fun to play.

Cool game!

This is a really fun & entertaining game. The storyline & graphics are amazing!

Needs iPhone X support

Please add full iPhone X support. Can’t wait to play this game on full resolution!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BULLY,I hope they make a bully2 because this is amazing and I bet if they made a second that game would be amazing as well


Artinya bolehlah

Bully anniversary for iPad

The game is great but it keeps crashing please rockstar games fix it and I can't log in to my social club account I rate the game 5 stars because the game is great but needs to be fixed thank you rockstar games

So good

It is so good that when I stepped on a lego, I played this game and it stopped hurting

Support iPhone X screen

Hey , You makes me happy for this game , anyway i have iphone X , and it’s not support the screen , i just play game has support iphone X , so i need support iphone X screen quickly

Almost perfect

I can’t stand how you run in this game....hope the implement the way you run in GTA San Andreas


This game was a favorite game of mine back on the ps2 and 3 still love the game today thanks for bringing back childhood memories of a great game

Love it!

I personally love the improvements in graphics and gameplay, and I truly love this game.


Update for iPhone X


It won’t load

The game Greats.... But the game made start Over!

I love and all but the game made me start over the game and im mad about that plz can u get back to the level i was at plz if guys can u guys give me my money back plz. Thank you and Bye😁

Force closes a lot

And very laggy. I really wanted to enjoy this game too.

Just a few things

I love this game but why can’t we get girlfriends and why can’t we go out of the gate and also how come no cars? Please update

Love the game but want iPhone X optimization

I played bully a lot when I was younger on the ps2 and when I saw it came to mobile I was really happy. Have no complaints for the game and have it the 5 star it deserves because it shouldn’t lose stars because of my one wish. What I’d love to see is this game be updated to fix the iPhone X screen because it’s a little weird when the game is smaller than the screen and a little harder for me to play. Still it’s an amazing game and love to see what rockstar has in store for future games. (And can’t wait for red dead redemption 2 😂)


Has a few minor bugs but overall really good game



It’s Great

The storyline is great& it keeps you entertained. I say for $7 it’s an amazing steal. Definitely recommend

Love it but have an issue

I can never sign into my account so I constantly have to restart my game. I just redownloaded the game so ima try to sign in but if it don’t work ima need y’all to fix that, please and thanks. This game is awesome though


I love this game so much it’s like gta but In a school nice

update for iphone x

love the game but it needs to be updated for the iphone x

Doesn't work

This app doesn't want download it say cant download this to,e

My opinion is:

This game is amazing! I liked it more than the ps version!💛💛💛 My favorite app.

Game Crashes/waste of time

Game crashes during rumble mission. You'll get halfway though the game, enjoying it only to find out it can't be completed due to the crash. Really a waste of time.


The game is good and all but can you fix this bug were I can't sign in social club it keeps says saying try again later its getting really annoying and the app will crash whenever I get to the mission where you have to fight for Lola when Johnny punches me the app suddenly crashes plz plz fix this!



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