Bully: Anniversary Edition App Reviews


This game is is with the money



No ingresa

Descargue el juego en mi iPad y él juego no carga completo, se sale de nuevo a la pantalla de inicio y no me permite continuar el juego. Pido ayuda y que debo hacer?


After completing Chapter 4 mission 1 it plays the final cutscene and restarts me back at the boss fight.

bringing back my childhood

I used to play this as a kid and loved it! Not to long ago i decided to buy it just to refresh my childhood and i was not disappointed! thumbs up to everything, there could be some updates that would deem absolutely necessary like not having them spawn so much, one minute there in front of you, you turn the corner and bam there they are again, also update the setting

Accidental purchase

So this morning I was searching for a game to purchase as I strolled upon Bully. I had already played this game before so I didn’t want to buy it once again. As I clicked out of the corner to get back to the main AppStore the screen said it was now downloading Bully. I would like my money back.


It is so fun it should be free


I have never been to a boarding school but this game makes me want to go.

This is a awesome game!

So awesome i can bully stuff now if i get stressed out


This was a childhood/teenage favorite of mine and now years later I finally found the game and it’s still awesome! I started playing on PS2. Great game


This is one of the best rockstar games ever it may be 6.99 but it is really worth it

Best game I’ve ever played!

I wish Rockstar work on another part of bully maybe bigger and better graphics for the PS4 and Pc/Mac

An excellent game for iOS

I first payed this game on the PS2 when I was 8 didn’t understand it at all. I played in high school and fell in love with it. The mini games, the replayability the character development and the plot. Something that I didn’t love about the GTA series is the unrelatable characters. I completely relate to Jimmy due to how I made friends in elementary and high school. I have the Scholarship Edition on PC but it’s in repair and bully crashes a lot in Windows 10 also there’s no achievements at all which is a burden in my opinion. I love the fact that there’s an Anniversary Edition on if it was on PC,Xbox One,PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The have the PS2 version on PS4 but $15 is asking a lot when it cuts away a bunches of content and missions. The iOS port is excellent and needs to be a console and PC release. Also there needs to be a bully College Edition or a prequel of how he was sent to Bullworth. Rockstar listen up because I like this game a lot better than the GTA games including GTA V. This game has a cult following so what are y’all waiting for? Please make a bunch of sequels or prequels to this game.

I want a refund

I play this gam with a Gamevice and the Gamevice doesn’t have R3 or L3 button so I can’t run. I want a refund

optimize and make it full screen for iPhone X

Please optimize the game because every time I play for awhile it starts to lag and glitch out on the iPhone X and it never did that to my iPhone 7 Plus and another thing is please make the screen full please because it’s to small to play on please fix and optimize and full screen it.

It’s lit

This game is lit

Actualización iPhone X

Hola, buen día, soy usuario antiguo de iPhone y de rockstar por lo que he disfrutado de la mayoría de juegos en mis otros dispositivos sin problema, pero ahora que compré el paquete de todos los juegos, algunos no son Compatibles con la pantalla completa del iPhone X quisiera que se pudiera actualizar el juego, pues realmente es muy bueno; muchas gracias

iPhone x

Need optimisation for iPhone x

Does not work

The slingshot does not work for me. By that I cannot zoom in or out. So I am stuck in the mission help Gary


Y'all need to make it compatible for the iPhone 8

Good game

Can I get a refund on this game

All was good and nice,until

All was good and nice,until I stuck at follow edger mission 🤦🏻‍♂️

Best game in App Store

If you’re looking for a game where you can freely explore an awesome world and play pranks on your fellow students then this is the game for you. This game really trumps every other game in this store in terms of things you can do.


Please make an update for the iphone x like gta san andreas

Bugs fix

Fix the tape music mission Nucrackin’ fix my problem plz

I LOVE IT but one problem

Can you add mod selection where we can get mods in the game and can we play with other people not like challenges but free play and can you make jimmy has to stop Gary again because the first one was AWESOME


This is one of my favorite games. I fell in love the first time I played it. It has a few glitches and sometimes audio gets cut off like in the Scholarship edition on my X Box 360, but it’s still great. It gets really addicting, especially when being chased by bullies like the Preps in free roam. (I love free roam more than the tasks) Love the music, characters, dialogue and gameplay. Most of the controls are easy to use. Except when trying to aim the spud cannon at the nerds. It’s hard to aim it at them without getting blasted by them. But other than that, it’s still a great game. The graphics are really nice and better than Scholarship edition in my opinion. Still, I love both editions and Anniversary is the first I’ve played. I’m glad I got to play this. Hope there will be a sequel one day.

Best game ever thank you for making it

I been playing this game none stop I’ll like to say I love the levels and costumes an every thing so thank you for making billy. 😉

Amazing game!

Great port and great quality!

Update this for iPhone X. Please

Like right now. This instant. Hook it up

Loved it but had an issue

I loved the plot and the mission but when I did the rumble it would kick me out of the game when johnny flips you and the police come and this prevents me from making progress.

I Love This Game So Much 💙



The greatest and the most addictive game ever ❤️❤️❤️

Add support for iPhone X

This game is incredible but it looks a bit bad in my iPhone X. Please Rockstar, update the game.

Love it

It is the best game I ever had played. please add bully 2

Fix the paperboy job

Everything in the game is good except the paperboy job jimmy keeps throwing the news papers non stop then I run out and can’t finish the job please fix this I play this game all the time

Great Game

It’s a great game but on complete mayhem, I saw glitches. Johnny was spray painting the girls dorm, but no spray paint. Johnny’s head and body fell through the floor. Ted and Earnest were making a fire, and the fire noise was too loud. It’s like too hard to defeat Derby, unless you have a spud gun. When Gary was on the ground and nowhere near the fence, He still grabbed me. It makes no sense that the platform collapsed in two when I kicked Gary in the balls. Other then that, great game.

Very good

Very good. Top quality graphics

The rumble

So basically it glitches/lags on the rumble and it's really annoying I've tried so many times to try to make it go away but yet it still happens. The game so far is really fun I don't get tired of it. It's addicting lol so yea hoped this helped u.

Great game

Update for iPhone X!!!

Worst rockstar game

This game is trash


Bully is a really awesome adventure game! I wish Rockstar Games would make Bully 2 happen one day that’s how much I love this game! (I know this review is short.)

هلا قطر

لعبة احلى في العالم 😍👍🏻

No iPhone X Support

When are you all gonna add support for the new display? If I wanted to play the game on a smaller screen I would’ve gotten a smaller phone.

Bad control

I like this game, but the controls are so hard especially when entering and exit the door... i have to stand exactly at the green spot ( so bad control). And when i am fighting it is not auto lock at the enemies....plz update soon, thanks

Need update for iPhone X

Rockstar Please update bully for fully support screen on iPhone X

Why is it not for ios4s

Rockstar why is this game not for iOS 4s please fix this I really want to play it plz.

Best games

A good game

No sound

Game plays fine, but I have no sound...


So good

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